Working the 2015 Area 7 Championship

Working the 2015 Area 7 Championship

lobster_angled_UpRight45As you’ve heard, the Maine Practical Shooters and the Hampden Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting the USPSA Area 7 Championships at Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club on July 11 and 12.

This is a big undertaking, but also a fantastic opportunity for USPSA shooters in Maine.

You must be a USPSA member to shoot the match.A7_Logo_200x76

The match fee is $160.00.  If you are interested in working this match, your match fee will be comped. If you are not yet a qualified USPSA Range Officer (RO) you still have a shot: Dan Wiswell has announced there is going to be a Level 1 USPSA RO class on May 30 & 31 at HRPC. The cost will be $65. If you pass the test and work the Area 7 match you will get $25 back. Contact Dan for more info.

If you are interested in working the match, let Lee Cabana know.  There will be some set up needed on the Wednesday before the match, Thursday is an all-day work day. You’ll shoot Friday, and help staff the event Saturday and Sunday.  Let him know ASAP if you’re willing to be part of the staff.  There’s a number of jobs at the match that do not require a certified Range Officer, so if you’re not an RO and want to help, Lee can probably find a job for you.
See you at the range!

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