New Maine Shooters Forum Up and Running

screen capture graphic: Maine Shooters Forum header text

We’re happy to report that the newest iteration of the has now been online and performing successfully for more than a week.

Historically, the Forum has been the stomping ground of mostly Maine’s “action pistol” shooters — guys operating out of the Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club and the Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club. This time around we’re making a real effort to involve the followers of other shooting sports. At he outset we’re especially targeting (pun unintentional) the Bullseye people shooting the Pistol Postals under the auspices of the Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association.

screen capture of Maine Shooters Forum login screen

Everyone is welcome! We’re hoping that members will help shape the new Forum — suggesting additions, changes …

At this early stage in the Forum’s history it is relatively painless to alter almost everything: look & feel, which disciplines are included and in which category they will appear, pretty much whatever you might think of.

I’ve created a topic — I Would Really Like …suggest Forum improvements — which appears right at the top of the threads list in the General Discussion area.

We are also looking for people willing to moderate boards in the Forum — maintaining the peace, of course, but also nudging things along …you never know what will pry a lurker out of his “hole,” inducing him to step up, express an opinion or ask a question.

Quickest access to the new is by clicking on Forum above on this website’s header’s menubar.

Thanks for reading! Shepherd Jim / Jim Child

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