January 2014 — It’s been a little cold …a lot

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Okay, maybe we’ll have a monthly newsletter issued from here as a Forum blog post
..What do you think?

It’d be a BIG help to hear from any of you that read this ….leave a comment below (excellent choice!) or on one of our Facebook pages Northeast Sectional Championship Maine Practical Shooters — a Facebook page for the Forum is, as they always say, Under Construction. It’s much easier to put stuff up on the worldwide interwebs when you know someone’s out there watching.

color photo: the Frozen Chosen match at Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club — icy shooterLast weekend Dan Wiswell and the Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club (HRPC) hosted their annual Frozen Chosen matchJan 1st, New Year’s Day. Taking place in the far east end of the USA’s eastern-most time zone we’re feeling safe calling the match the FIRST USPSA match of 2014. Forty (that’s 40!) shooters braved SUB-ZERO TEMPS (that’s a Fahrenheit ZERO!) It was amazing! A big THANK YOU to Dan and his crew!

Hey Mainers! Like it or not, “we” are all “hosts” for shooters “FROM AWAY” coming up here to shoot OUR sectional this summer. Please take a minute and suggest some “local things to do” and/or color photo: Paul Buyan statue in Banf=gor, MEplaces to stay for Sectional shooters. The Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor is ONE idea. Where do YOU go to have a fisherman’s dinner and enjoy a saltwater view?

Lee Cabana has “officially” emailed regarding the Maine Practical Shooters‘ January 18 USPSA Match at CCRPC. The regular monthly match has a tie-in to one of 2013’s most important developments:

“We’ll be having a .22 rifle side match, too.  Asking for a $5.00 donation to help our new junior pistol program.” Check out the Maine Junior Action Pistol Team’s Facebook page and website. Growing new shooters is a very effective way to PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO SHOOT AND OWN FIREARMS! What can you do or donate to help?screen capture from Maine Junior Action FB page Pistol

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