Working the 2015 Area 7 Championship

Working the 2015 Area 7 Championship

lobster_angled_UpRight45As you’ve heard, the Maine Practical Shooters and the Hampden Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting the USPSA Area 7 Championships at Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club on July 11 and 12.

This is a big undertaking, but also a fantastic opportunity for USPSA shooters in Maine.

You must be a USPSA member to shoot the match.A7_Logo_200x76

The match fee is $160.00.  If you are interested in working this match, your match fee will be comped. If you are not yet a qualified USPSA Range Officer (RO) you still have a shot: Dan Wiswell has announced there is going to be a Level 1 USPSA RO class on May 30 & 31 at HRPC. The cost will be $65. If you pass the test and work the Area 7 match you will get $25 back. Contact Dan for more info.

If you are interested in working the match, let Lee Cabana know.  There will be some set up needed on the Wednesday before the match, Thursday is an all-day work day. You’ll shoot Friday, and help staff the event Saturday and Sunday.  Let him know ASAP if you’re willing to be part of the staff.  There’s a number of jobs at the match that do not require a certified Range Officer, so if you’re not an RO and want to help, Lee can probably find a job for you.
See you at the range!

USPSA 2014 Area 7 Northeast Sectional THIS WEEKEND

USPSA_Logo_739x716_erasedCORRECTION: the Match Staff, RO’s etc are NOT shooting on Friday. Friday is a setup day at BOTH ranges. Staff will shoot on Sat and Sun along with the general competitors.

What do you have to do to be ready for OUR USPSA Level II competition? The word is that Dan’s up at HRPC setting up stages RIGHT NOW — can you help out?

Graphic_Stage_partial_Searchin_RDirections / Google Map info for CCRPC / Augusta:

Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club
861 Civic Center Dr
Augusta, ME 04330

Directions / Google Map info for HRPC / Hampden:

Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club
286 Meadow Road
Hampden, ME 04444



The latest “News” blogpost over at the NE Sectional website includes download links for:

Download a LIST of all stages, specifications, round counts, etc.
Hampden Stage Descriptions —  Round Count: 138
Augusta Stage Descriptions —  Round Count: 154

2014 USPSA Area 7 Northeast Sectional Championship is Upon Us


Okay! We’re past “mid-summer.” Most of the Maine Practical Shooters are up in Hampden today shooting the last regular “monthly match” before the Northeast Sectional Championship at the end of next month.

Match Dates: Aug 30 and Aug 31, 2014

Shoot one day at: Hampden Rifle And Pistol Club
286 Meadow Road, Hampden, ME 04444—

…and the other day at: Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club
861 Civic Center Dr, Augusta, ME 04330

If you haven’t registered — do it!

If you haven’t volunteered to help do it!

Call, email, write the co-match directors Lee Cabana and/or Dan Wiswell — quickest contact from right here is to get into the Forum and post in the Northeast Sectional Championship board.

color graphic: USPSA Area 7 Northeast Sectional ChampionshipTrip_Stack


Come on Maine!

January 2014 — It’s been a little cold …a lot

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Okay, maybe we’ll have a monthly newsletter issued from here as a Forum blog post
..What do you think?

It’d be a BIG help to hear from any of you that read this ….leave a comment below (excellent choice!) or on one of our Facebook pages Northeast Sectional Championship Maine Practical Shooters — a Facebook page for the Forum is, as they always say, Under Construction. It’s much easier to put stuff up on the worldwide interwebs when you know someone’s out there watching.

color photo: the Frozen Chosen match at Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club — icy shooterLast weekend Dan Wiswell and the Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club (HRPC) hosted their annual Frozen Chosen matchJan 1st, New Year’s Day. Taking place in the far east end of the USA’s eastern-most time zone we’re feeling safe calling the match the FIRST USPSA match of 2014. Forty (that’s 40!) shooters braved SUB-ZERO TEMPS (that’s a Fahrenheit ZERO!) It was amazing! A big THANK YOU to Dan and his crew!

Hey Mainers! Like it or not, “we” are all “hosts” for shooters “FROM AWAY” coming up here to shoot OUR sectional this summer. Please take a minute and suggest some “local things to do” and/or color photo: Paul Buyan statue in Banf=gor, MEplaces to stay for Sectional shooters. The Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor is ONE idea. Where do YOU go to have a fisherman’s dinner and enjoy a saltwater view?

Lee Cabana has “officially” emailed regarding the Maine Practical Shooters‘ January 18 USPSA Match at CCRPC. The regular monthly match has a tie-in to one of 2013’s most important developments:

“We’ll be having a .22 rifle side match, too.  Asking for a $5.00 donation to help our new junior pistol program.” Check out the Maine Junior Action Pistol Team’s Facebook page and website. Growing new shooters is a very effective way to PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO SHOOT AND OWN FIREARMS! What can you do or donate to help?screen capture from Maine Junior Action FB page Pistol

USPSA Northeast Sectional Championship websites

It’s not really Forum-related news, but it IS Maine news BIGTIME!

What WAS the Maine State Sectional match earlier this year (2013) will be the

Northeast Sectional Championship in 2014

color screen capture: Background: As the pre-match hub-bub grew in 2013 there was a lot of discussion about the fact that the Northeast Section of the USPSA‘s Area 7 encompassed a lot more than just the state of Maine  Maine might have been WHERE the match was happening, but it was the intention and hope of the organizers that shooters from all over the Northeast Section (RI, CT, MA, VT, NH and ME) …indeed, maybe from ALL OVER.

So, behind the scenes loads of heads where put together. At one point maybe the USPSA-sanctioned, Level 2, sectional-level championship would be re-named as the New England Championship

But no. In the end the decision was to call it the Northeast Sectional Championship  …and to lend some credence to the change, we now have a Northeast Sectional Championship website and a Facebook page.

2014 is going to be a GOOD YEAR!   😉

Freedom To Choose Your Look & Feel

Okay, the Forum’s dark and techie white text on the dark grey background may not float all members’ boats.

montage screen captures showing three theme optionsYou now have a choice of theme — the default “Dark Modern” or either of two others, both of which have dark text against a white page.

Log into the Forum and check out the thread Look & Feel — Choose Your Own in Announcements — Forum Information / news, hints & how-tos

New Maine Shooters Forum Up and Running

screen capture graphic: Maine Shooters Forum header text

We’re happy to report that the newest iteration of the has now been online and performing successfully for more than a week.

Historically, the Forum has been the stomping ground of mostly Maine’s “action pistol” shooters — guys operating out of the Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club and the Hampden Rifle & Pistol Club. This time around we’re making a real effort to involve the followers of other shooting sports. At he outset we’re especially targeting (pun unintentional) the Bullseye people shooting the Pistol Postals under the auspices of the Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association.

screen capture of Maine Shooters Forum login screen

Everyone is welcome! We’re hoping that members will help shape the new Forum — suggesting additions, changes …

At this early stage in the Forum’s history it is relatively painless to alter almost everything: look & feel, which disciplines are included and in which category they will appear, pretty much whatever you might think of.

I’ve created a topic — I Would Really Like …suggest Forum improvements — which appears right at the top of the threads list in the General Discussion area.

We are also looking for people willing to moderate boards in the Forum — maintaining the peace, of course, but also nudging things along …you never know what will pry a lurker out of his “hole,” inducing him to step up, express an opinion or ask a question.

Quickest access to the new is by clicking on Forum above on this website’s header’s menubar.

Thanks for reading! Shepherd Jim / Jim Child

Maine Shooters Forum — Major ReOrg

New member (haha …we’re ALL new members here) Northern Xtreme made the mistake of requesting a few changes …and then he VOLUNTEERED (!!) to moderate discussions in the new Bear Pit.

Well, we’ve added a number of new discussions areas. The Maine Shooters Forum has historically been very USPSA/Action Pistol oriented. There are now discussion areas (e.g. High Power, Shotgun (Sporting Clays)) in which members are encouraged to post topics.

Be sure to check out the new set-up — click on Forum on the menu bar above.

Welcome to the New Maine Shooters Forum

We’re set for the new Maine Shooters Forums to go live on Sunday, October 20, 2013

PLEASE! What do you think? It is early days for the Forum. Not much is chiseled in stone at this point; there are lots of things we can easily and safely change right now.

Have any ideas? Do you think, for example,

  • there should be a separate section for “High Power” matches”
  • the dark grey page background is hard to read and/or ugly
  • we need a photo gallery to display members’ photos
  • ? ? ? ?

Let us know how we make improvements. Leave a comment below.

Email us: