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I.S.S.F. Centerfire Pistol the details
« on: October 30, 2013, 10:05:24 PM »
I.S.S.F. CENTERFIRE Pistol (1/2 course):
  • .32 cal. to .45 cal. centerfire pistols
  • Iron sights only
  • Minimum trigger pull weight for centerfire guns is 3 pounds.
  • Barrel length is limited to 6 inches.
  • Sight radius must not exceed 8.6 inches.
  • Slow Fire consists of 3 strings of 5 shots in 5 minutes on the B-33 target; 15 shots total
  • Rapid Fire consists of 3 strings of 5 shots, 3 seconds per shot on the B-39 target; 15 shots total
    Shooters will start in the READY POSITION with the arm holding the gun down at a 45 degree angle (Or JUST Visibly Clear of the shooting bench!), not raising their arm until the target becomes available, and will return to the ready position as the target becomes unavailable
    Rapid Fire is meant to be shot with rotating targets where, when the course of fire begins, the target is not available (being edge on to the shooter), the target rotates 90 degrees and is visible for 3 seconds before rotating back to being edge on. The target remains edge on for 7 seconds before again rotating to face the shooter
    when EST (Electronic Scoring Targets (non-rotating) are used the beginning and ending of the 3 second "target available" period is signalled with green and red lights
    lacking either rotating target frames or a system of red/green lights the Range Officer will sound a tone or horn to signal the start and end of the 3 second "target available" periods
All firing is done unsupported with one hand, bullseye style. 

Note: -------------------------------------------------------
Normally, .45 cal. pistols are not permitted in ISSF competition. The legal caliber range is .32 to .38. To make allowances for more people to compete the State Association has widened the caliber choices. We can do this because this is not a sanctioned match. I would still prefer that .45s be scored as .38s when possible - use .38 cal overlay or Eagle Eye.
Ed Stanhope, PTSR&PA, Winter Postal League Director for Air Rifle and All Pistol 

*** Note: the above description of the Centerfire Pistol course of fire has been interpreted and prepared by the and is NOT an official rendering of any organization's rules.
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