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Capitol City 3 gun match rules
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:46:23 PM »
This match will be scored using the Time plus system.
You stage score will be your total time, plus any penalties which will be added on to the stage score.
We are not scoring individual hits Alpha, Charlie etc, and there is no major or minor power factor. Instead each paper target will require two hits anywhere within the scoring zones, and all steel or clay pigeons must be hit, to neutralize the target. Any target not neutralized will add a 5 second penalty, each no shoot is 5 seconds, if you foot fault it is 5 seconds etc. This will allow the scoring to move very quickly.
For all divisions the smallest allowed pistol caliber is 9mm, and the smallest rifle caliber is .556/.223, smallest shotgun is .20 guage.
Divisions will be:
Open: Anything goes. Optics allowed on every gun, no mag capacity limits, shotgun can have mags.
Tactical Division: One optic on any gun of your choice, Rifle mag limits of 30 rds, Pistol mag limit of 10 rds loaded, shotgun can only hold 9 rds loaded at any time max.
Heavy Metal: One Optic on Rifle only, Pistol calibers allowed .45, .10mm, anything Magnum, Shotgun can only load 7 rounds.
If anyone wants to petition a change to the equipment allowed in a division, we will entertain ideas over the next few days. We just want to make it fun and fair.
There will be 5 stages, only one stage will use all three guns the others will use a combination of two guns. There will not be any buckshot or slugs at this match, only birdshot. Maximum rifle distance will be around 75 yards, but we will be using reduced USPSA targets to increase accuracy requirements of rifles on some stages.
Round count will be +/-
Rifle 100 rds
Pistol 100 rds
Shotgun birdshot 40
Feel free to post up questions, remember to register at Practiscore, we are strictly limiting this to the first 50