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  1. How about a USPSA area, you have one for IDPA, whatever that is… And a general discussion area.

    • Congrats on being the website’s first commenter! You are pointing out that we probably need to re-think the Forum’s organization. The “Competition” board area historically has been USPSA. I believe the IDPA section was added at some point to generate conversation for the sport.

      IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Assoc — http://www.idpa.com/) is supposed to be more realistic than USPSA with stages set up to represent more lifelike self defense scenarios. Shooters wear a cover garment that must cover (conceal) the holstered gun. You should talk to Lee Cabana; I know he shoots IDPA every so often. Here’s a link to a Ruger video on IDPA — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFDaVIbJ4AU

    • No problem! Hey, when you can’t actually BE shooting, what could be better than talking ABOUT shooting? …especially with friends!

    • BIG DITTO on the thanks to Chris! After only a few days of scurrying around behind the scenes I have a real understanding of maybe why we hadn’t seen Chris at matches so much. He was trapped at home in front of his computer trying to figure out why something called a MySQL database was corrupted. !!??!!